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  1. Prasannakumar Kantimahanti says:

    The presentation of the Biblical Truths, is awesome! In a few minutes, one could grasp the Biblical Wisdom! It streamlined my Biblical awareness with accuracy and consistency. Basically, I’m an Indian Preacher, ministering the Word of God amidst Indian rural folks, who are mostly illiterate. I’ll be grateful if you can provide spiritual guidelines which are simple and easy to preach to the forsaken and backward Indian brethren.

    1. Hello Prasannakumar. Such a blessing to receive your feedback. I am happy you were blessed. My one guideline for you is this: use the stories of the Bible to tell them about Jesus. I find that everyone, regardless of literacy level can connect with a story. And the wonderful thing about the Word of God is that you once you teach the simple truth about Jesus, the Holy Spirit will take it from there and do the rest of the work. I am praying for your success in ministry among the people God has sent you to serve. Blessings!

  2. Where is the book of 1 Peter in the download for the Books of the New Testament …. there are 4 Gospels; 1 History; 21 Epistles and 1 Prophecy …. totalling 27 (not 26)

    1. Thanks for pointing out that error, Barb. Definitely an oversight on my part. I have updated the printable to reflect the correct number of books. Blessings.

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