The story of Martha and Mary in the Bible

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  1. Thank you so much for this message on Martha and Mary. As a first born, I was taught to be a Martha and resented the fact that all responsibilities fell on me. It couldn’t be helped because my mother did not have siblings around to help us. Father was a business man so worked 24/7, while Mother worked outside the home and also another job taking care of us at home as well. After decades of asking the Lord to heal my resentment, I learned how to be a Mary and not spend time worrying about the food prep, house cleaning, etc. but to ask the Lord what is his priority for my day daily. Thank you for reminding me how precious we are to our Father and how when we ask Him what is the priority, we don’t have to spend our time trying to be the hostess with the mostest but a welcoming friendly heart with a worshipping and grateful attitude. Thank you for your ministry. I appreciate you very much. Blessings🙏♥️😘

    1. I so appreciate you sharing your testimony Sue. It resonates with me in a very personal way because I am a first born as well. God is so gracious though. He’s always drawing us to Him. What an encouraging thought. Thanks again for sharing how this post has blessed you. 😀

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